What Can Kima Do?


Bob owns an eCommerce website. He wants to accept payments in crypto, but can only work with USDT on Ethereum. Alice holds USDT, but only on Solana.

Bob implements Kima’s solution, allowing Alice to pay directly into Bob’s USDT-ERC20 Address, without risking Alice churning after using a complicated external solution.

Lending / Borrowing

Bob built an Aave fork on Avalanche. He is experiencing low health on user loans, due to insufficient liquidity on Avalanche. Alice wants to add liquidity to Bob’s dapp, but can’t be bothered with bridging from Polygon.

Bob implements Kima’s solution, allowing Alice to use whichever compatible assets she has on other chains to collateralize Bob’s app and earn yield.


Alice Is an indie game dev, working on a play-and-earn adventure game. Alice’s game is monetized using an in-game currency on the Polygon network. To buy game tokens, Bob can pay for them in USDC, but isn’t savvy enough to bridge it from Ethereum.

Alice implements Kima’s solution, allowing Bob to use his USDC from Ethereum in-game, without sacrificing game immersion.

NFT Marketplace

Bob manages an NFT marketplace on Solana. Bob is frequently asked if the marketplace supports different chains, However, neither he nor his team knows other chains well enough to do this.

Bob implements Kima’s solution, allowing community members to purchase Solana NFTs directly from the marketplace, using funds from Ethereum.


Bob built a DEX with implementations on Etherum, Avalanche, and Polygon. Bob’s users are trying to find support for this cross-chain feature in Bob’s DEX discord group, but they’re bombarded with irrelevant messages.

Bob implements Kima’s solution, allowing DEX users to transact between All of Bob’s DEX implementations with dedicated support in-dapp.


Alice built an NFT marketplace with implementations on several networks. Some of the users want to transfer their funds between the different implementations, but Alice is concerned about their funds’ security.

Bob implements Kima’s solution, allowing his users to move funds easily and natively inside her dApp.


Bob built a multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet. Bob wants to add cross-chain functionality to his wallet but lacks the infrastructure to do so.

Bob implements Kima’s solution, allowing his wallet’s users to transfer assets between chains directly from their wallet.


Kima is an incredibly flexible protocol. It can probably do some stuff we haven’t thought of by ourselves.

If you have an idea on how to use Kima in a way we haven’t talked about here, we would love to hear what you have in mind.

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