What’s Happened at Diversifi This Year: 2021 in Review

What’s Happened at Diversifi This Year: 2021 in Review

2021 has been an exciting and fruitful year marked by hard work, pivoting ideas, significant milestones, and interesting partnerships.

Big shout-outs to the Diversifi team for their endless enthusiasm, support, and persistence.

Many thanks to our partners Titanium Technologies, FutureBlock, Cloverly, API3DAO, GBBC, CoinIX, and others for being reliable partners and your help throughout our journey.


What’s been done this year?

• Funding: We raised $250K from CoinIX and angel investors for our pre-seed round.

• Product: We have released the MVPs:

– Protected BTC – a Bitcoin structured investment strategy providing downside protection and upside exposure;

– Green Crypto – a carbon offsetting tool for crypto holders;

• Awareness: 

– We have officially joined the Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC).

– We’ve presented at blockchain events in Dubai and at Nur-Sultan Blockchain Day. In the latter, we were recognized as one of the top 3 startups. 


Awesome things are coming in 2022:

Soon we’re launching the Smart Hedge product – a beta-hedge strategy hedging token holdings against steep market movements.

Next year, we’re planning to launch the Diversifi protocol – a multi-chain financial and a utility token protocol that will enable new levels of composability, interoperability, and streamlined user experience in DeFi.


An exciting innovative year lies ahead.


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