Welcome to the New Diversifi: a Blockchain-Agnostic Platform Providing Multi-Chain DeFi Protocol and Apps

Welcome to the New Diversifi: a Blockchain-Agnostic Platform Providing Multi-Chain DeFi Protocol and Apps

In the past few months, we have been busy building solutions to address crypto investments’ financial risks. We kept saying that institutions would be judged not only by their performance (easy in a bull market) but also by their ability to manage risk and preserve capital. The past few days are a painful reminder to those who have neglected that less-sexy side of investing.

As part of the journey, we have developed downside protection and hedging products, utilizing derivatives sourced from multiple liquidity sources – CeFi and DeFi. We’ve witnessed – first hand – the technical, financial, and operative complexities of developing useful apps that use financial primitives across chains and off-chain.

As web3 app builders, our focus is on accruing value for our users. The need to choose a native blockchain seems artificial. Yes, this is how this is done today in crypto. But that doesn’t mean we need to accept it.

The dire truth is simple: developing financial web3 apps sucks. The status quo isn’t good enough.

This is why we’ve decided to expand our vision and tackle the challenges of building chain-agnostic DeFi apps. With crypto investors and blockchain developers in mind, our new platform will help build multi-chain DeFi apps – including our risk management and derivatives-based solutions, which will function as reference applications for the new protocol.

In today’s world, DeFi is fragmented. Besides, the siloed liquidity, data, and financial primitives cause poor user experience.

Diversifi’s protocol initially addresses the DeFi fragmentation. It provides cross-chain and off-chain access to today’s siloed liquidity, data, financial primitives, and functionality to new and existing decentralized applications. This way, it enables cross-chain composability and building hybrid on-chain/off-chain apps, creates improved Web3 experience, and unlocks smarter Web3 functionality that does not exist today.

The Diversifi protocol provides multiple services to cover use cases that are difficult or impossible to realize today:

• DCA: Leveraging the protocol DCA service, investors can invest periodically (e.g., every month), by automatically using bank-stored fiat and executing purchases at the best rates across multiple markets (CeFi, DeFi over multiple chains).

• Hedge: By using the protocol access to derivatives, investors can hedge crypto against price volatility. The Diversifi protocol enables automatic portfolio protection in the most optimized way: by automatically managing and rebalancing it.

• Carbon offset: Using the protocol seamless connection with oracles and web2 services can help investors offset their crypto holdings’ Carbon footprint. The Diversifi protocol is connected to oracles and services that automatically calculate the quantity of Carbon to clean and regularly revisit the user’s account to offset the token again.


Our available sophisticated investment strategies are being ported to work on the Diversifi’s protocol. They can already be used by institutional investors and will function as reference applications for the benefit of web3 app developers. 


To learn more and take part in the emerging community of developers, please, contact us at www.diversi.fi 


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