Meet Our Team: Guy Vider

Meet Our Team: Guy Vider

Guy Vider is the CTO at Diversifi who has got 25 years of experience in developing, delivering, and managing software products. In the last few years, he’s been totally focused on blockchain and decentralized finance, bringing the level cryptocurrency is perceived and adopted by global investors to new heights.

We’ve interviewed Guy to get to know his unique story: from software development to leading innovative game-changing projects.


Tell our readers more about yourself – your background and role at Diversifi?

I’m a developer, tinkerer, and startup founder. In the past, I developed and implemented software solutions in various industries and managed local and remote delivery teams.

DiversiFi is my third startup as CTO. It combines my passion for DeFi and blockchain projects and my desire to share the new technologies and financial offerings with as many people as possible.



Why do you choose working on DeFi?

I started playing with DeFi projects several years ago. That progressed into actually reading the code of some of the protocols and eventually writing some of my own.

At that time, it struck me that the level of technical knowledge needed to enter this space – even as a user – is prohibitively high. At the same time, my friend and Co-Founder, Eitan, was reaching the same conclusions. We got our heads together and made up our mind to start a company that would lower that technological barrier. Our focus fell onto institutional users to begin with, as their needs are more acute, and they have the added challenge of regulation, apart from the technology and knowledge issues.


How did you join Diversifi?

Eitan and I have been working together for almost 20 years. This is our 3rd startup together.We were sitting at a restaurant with a crypto-agnostic friend of ours and trying to explain to him how to get his first foothold in the crypto and DeFi world. We soon realized there’s no easy way: the technical hurdles made it hard and exhausting for new blood to come in. We also knew institutional players have even higher hurdles: regulation, insurance, security, and volatility, to name a few. Thus, we decided to build DiversiFi – a solution that would  allow new players to join the market, with as minimum friction as possible.


How do you see Diversifi’s mission and values? 

Our immediate mission is to enable institutional investors to participate in the DeFi and blockchain economy in the most professional, secure, and regulated way possible. But we don’t stop there. Our vision is way bigger as we’re building an enabling infrastructure capable of transforming the way sophisticated financial decisions and actions are done. If it sounds vague – it’s only because we will announce it in a few weeks.


What’s the most exciting thing about working on a DeFi project/Diversifi?

To me, Diversifi, as any DeFi project, is a good way to learn new technologies and face new challenges in an essentially nascent field. It’s also about meeting other founders who are traveling a similar journey we can cooperate with. 


How does Diversifi differ from other similar solutions?

Diversifi is the first solution of its kind to target institutional users. We bridge technology and finance, TradFi, CeFi, and DeFi in a way that will make sense to funds and other asset managers. Through our users, their clients can benefit from a new financial wealth that was technically closed to them until now.


Share some of the future plans for Diversifi?

There’s a lot to come in 2022. We’re planning to partner with some exciting players in both the TradFi and DeFi world. Our next milestones include the launch of hedging and investment strategies that will enable our users to benefit from better values than they used to traditionally receive.


How can our readers/potential partners reach you out?

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn or via my email – [email protected]



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