Meet Prof. Evgeny Lyandres — Our Advisory Board Member

Meet Prof. Evgeny Lyandres — Our Advisory Board Member

Happy to introduce Prof. Evgeny Lyandres who is a part of the Diversifi Advisory team.

Evgeny Lyandres is a Professor of Finance, the Head of the Blockchain Research Institute at Tel Aviv University, and a Visiting Professor of Finance at Monash Business School.

Being a Ph.D. in Finance, Evgeny’s got around 20 years of experience in the financial industry, in recent years fully focusing on the application of blockchain in fintech. Apart from that, he has been doing his studies for the world’s major financial magazines, like the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial Economics, Review of Financial Studies, Review of Finance, and more as well as acting as one of the editors of the Journal of Corporate Finance and other financial publications.

Evgeny’s wide financial expertise and deep knowledge of how blockchain-based financial systems assist us in our mission to build our product strategy.

Find Prof. Lyandres’ works on blockchain and finance here.

Reach out to Evgeny via LinkedIn.


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