Meet Our Team: Tzahi Kanza

Meet Our Team: Tzahi Kanza

We believe that any project is not only about the product it delivers. It’s mostly about the team that stands behind the project. 


Thus, we have decided to gradually show you who the Diversifi people are.


Meet Tzahi – our Co-Founder and COO. He is an expert in blockchain and DeFi and has 20 years of experience in managing international companies, building and executing startups, and more.


Apart from Diversifi, Tzahi is a Co-Founder at the Titanium Technologies Group, VentureRocket, and FutureBlock and acts as a partner at IX Swap and VentureRocket Eurasia.


Here is what Tzahi says about Diversifi and his way to it:


Why did you choose working on DeFi?

“I strongly believe that DeFI is the future of finance. I’ve started getting involved in decentralized finance projects since DeFi has all the aspects that fascinate me – future technologies, economics, data science, and more.” 


What is Diversifi?

“Diversifi is a blockchain-agnostic platform building the Diversifi Protocol and dapps. The Diversifi Protocol is an open protocol that gives access to cross-chain/off-chain liquidity, data, financial primitives, and functionality and enables the development of cross-chain decentralized applications — fully connected, user-friendly, and secure.”


How did you join Diversifi?

“I’ve known Eitan Katz, the CEO of Diversifi, for a while, discussing many issues in DeFi and blockchain. Thus, when setting up Diversifi, it was quite natural for me to join its amazing team. “


Who is Diversifi interested to cooperate with?

“We are interested in cooperating with potential clients – crypto funds, hedge funds, corporates, banks etc. and partners in the DeFi & CeFi worlds. We are also open to cooperation with anyone aiming to bring crypto to institutions. 


For cooperation purposes, feel free to contact me through email: [email protected] or 



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