Meet Kima: Diversifi Has a New Name!

Meet Kima: Diversifi Has a New Name!

We are proud to share that Diversifi is now Kima! 

Since the very inception of our platform, we’ve been working to connect DeFi and TradFi and make DeFi more interoperable. And as our platform has grown, so have our brand and team. We came to an understanding that we needed a new stronger name – one that is unique, meaningful, and reflective of the progress we’ve made over the last years. 


What Does Kima Mean?

Kima (also Cyma, or Cumae) was an ancient Greek city in Aeolis, close to the kingdom of Lydia. Having prospered and developed into a regional metropolis by the 5th century BC, Kima was the largest and most essential city out of the twelve that comprised the Aeolis district.

Most notably for us, Kima is renowned for being the first world city to mint metal “electrum” coins made of a gold and silver alloy. 

Just as the innovative Greek city Kima pioneered the world’s first coins, we aim to be pioneers in the “coin” (crypto coins, fintech, and blockchain) space by building innovative solutions as an interoperability-focused blockchain fintech. Our groundbreaking blockchain protocol connects the DeFi and TradFi ecosystems. Led by seasoned tech, Web3, and financial experts, Kima makes it easier to develop and launch multi-chain applications and financial instruments.

We invite you to visit our newly updated website to learn more about the Kima Protocol:


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