Kima is Building in Public!

Kima is Building in Public!

Dear friends of Kima!

We have been working hard on building the cross-chain settlement layer of the future and want all of you to be in on our progress.

So we are happy to say that we’re officially building in public!

Transparency has always been a huge part of our DNA, and now we will be giving weekly updates of our progress in all fields: Engineering, Bizdev, Operations, and Marketing.

We would also love to hear from you about all the things that you think should be in a decentralized settlement layer for grown-ups, especially if you are developing dApps, payment gateways, or any type of financial products in web3.

👋Come say hi on Telegram:

Happy to have all of you supporting us as we continue to bring you a cross-chain liquidity solution that does what you want it to do, without the cold sweat. 😉

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