It’s Time for Web3: Main Reasons for the Web3 Development

It’s Time for Web3: Main Reasons for the Web3 Development

 2021 has been recognized as the year of the global Web3 adoption.

Based on the study, done by Electric Capital, a VC fund that’s been investing in Web3 solutions since 2018, the Web3 product development has shown incredible progress in 2021:

 ▪️More than  34,000 (!) new developers committed code to Web3 products – a record number.

▪️65% of active developers in web3 joined in 2021 and 45% of full-time developers in web3  joined in 2021. 

▪️More than 18,000 developers committed code to the open-source crypto and Web3 projects monthly.

 ▪️Over 680 open-source Web3 developers work on Bitcoin, and over 4000 work on Ethereum.

Our CEO, Eitan Katz, explains why Web3 development is inevitable:

While not a full-fledged exodus, more and more developers are finding interest in Web3 development paradigms, technical stacks, and ecosystems. This trend can be attributed to several factors, including:

✔️The growing interest and adoption by main-stream media

✔️The legitimization of crypto investments by institutions

✔️The massive VC capital inflow into crypto projects

✔️A maturing technological stack, getting more suitable for late adopters

We expect the trends to continue exponentially – as all of these factors remain intact and will accelerate in the future.

Our mission is to support these trends, by contributing to the development of the technical and financial infrastructure – the picks and shovels – of a unified, non-fragmented web3 fabric.

With this in mind, we have built the Diversifi protocol – an open-source protocol that enables developers (both web3 and web2)  to create chain-agnostic, interoperable (cross-chain/off-chain) DeFi apps.

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