Is Institutional Investing Happening?

Is Institutional Investing Happening?

The institution-wide adoption of crypto has been a meme since 2017. However, 2021 has been a record year for institutional investing.


We have broken the data into some points that best illustrate the change:


• $9.3 billion were invested in crypto by institutions which is a 36% jump compared to 2020.

• 37 new investment products were released  which makes 13 more solutions compared to 2020. 

• The total assets under management (AUM) covered $62.5 billion, with Grayscale (the world’s largest asset manager) possessing $43.5 billion in AUM.

• More than half of global banking institutions invested in cryptocurrency or blockchain companies.

• The major institutional entities investing in Bitcoin included Tesla, Microstrategy, Block (f.k.a. Sqaure), Voyager Digital. and Galaxy Digital Holdings, while MetLife, Cisco, Accenture, Intel, and Mastercard preferred Ethereum to Bitcoin in 2021.

• A survey conducted by Nickel Digital Asset Management reports that 82% of institutions expect to invest in the crypto market more in the next two years.


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