Institutional Investing In Crypto In a Brand New Way: Meet Diversifi!

Institutional Investing In Crypto In a Brand New Way: Meet Diversifi!

Diversifi is the first tech-driven crypto asset management platform that provides institutions (investment banks, funds, brokers, family offices, and corporations holding crypto treasuries) with risk-mitigation strategies for digital currency investments.


We serve as a bridge between traditional finance and the disruptive crypto space and firmly believe that a sustainable future of finance consists of the inevitable coexistence of the two says Eitan Katz, the Founder and CEO of the platform.


While most DeFi solutions focus on infrastructure and innovation, Diversifi focuses on unique features that provide institutional investors a new level of investment security, sophistication, access, and flexibility:


• Diversifi investment strategies address the extreme volatility by offering sophisticated hedging that is automatically calculated and executed.


• The platform addresses regulation risks. We offer a regulated framework that incorporates custody, licenses, brokerage, security issuance, and on/off ramp settlements to make all investment strategies realized in a legal and secure way.


• Diversifi enables a new way of “green” investing — its carbon footprint offset makes investments environmentally friendly and impact-neutral.


• The platform is network-agnostic. Its financial tools are managed across multiple blockchains (Bitcoin/Ethereum/BSC, and more).


Diversifi is based on five main solutions — Structured Crypto (a set of strategies for controlled exposure to cryptocurrency), Smart Hedge (a set of intelligent hedging strategies for systematic and unsystematic risk protection), Balanced Portfolios, Programmable Indices, and Green Crypto (carbon footprint offset of crypto assets that mitigates environmental impact).


What’s Protected BTC?


Protected BTC is our first proprietary investment strategy, part of the Structured Crypto line of products. Protected BTC helps limit the bitcoin investment losses due to its price volatility.


The strategy simplifies the complex process of structuring the price protection: the user forgoes a part of the potential profit in exchange for loss protection. This is a pre-packaged investment, linked to BTC derivatives. Once purchased, the protected principal is converted into a combination of derivatives, spot, and yield-bearing deposits.


It’s Only The Start: What’s Coming Soon?


The Diversifi team is actively working on developing more proprietary investment tools to be added to the platform. The next financial solutions include:


• Protected ETH — an investment strategy aimed at protecting Ether investments from significant losses,


• Smart hedging strategies — one-click hedging to a variety of assets,


• Multi-asset investment, leveraging ML models — done in a single instrument,


• and much more.



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