GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos video

GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos video

From May 22-26, we were honored to attend and speak at GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos event in Switzerland.

Our CEO, Eitan Katz, shared his ideas on:

• The current state and perspectives of decentralized finance
• Web3’s challenges and current solutions for fixing them
• Security in DeFi
• DAO and its issues
• Programmable money
• Kima – our open interoperability-focused protocol that helps Web3 developers build fully interoperable cross-chain decentralized apps.


“DeFi is building an alternative infrastructure that doesn’t only copycat the existing financial system, it creates a lot of innovation that is stemmed from new technology as well as fundamental, even philosophical concepts, like composability that is basically the heart of DeFi”, – Eitan Katz.


Thank you to the GBBC for inviting us to take part in this amazing festival exploring the boundless potential of blockchain and crypto. We are proud to be part of this community and contribute to the future of the Web3 ecosystem.

Watch the full video with Eitan’s speech here.


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