Follow Diversifi on Social Media

Follow Diversifi on Social Media

We are happy to announce the launch of Diversifi’s Telegram channel.

Diversifi is an open protocol and  DeFi platform that helps app developers build chain-agnostic  DeFi apps. The platform includes the protocol, services, functionality blocks, and real-world reference applications – such as risk management and derivatives-based solutions for institutions. The protocol uses a utility token as an incentive model for bootstrapping and driving the growth of the ecosystem.


We’re actively building a community of early adopters (e.g. crypto investors, crypto asset managers, and blockchain developers) willing to change the way web3 apps are built and join our journey to bridge the liquidity, data, regulatory, and functionality gaps and create user-friendly web3 apps.

In Telegram, we’ll provide updates on Diversifi’s latest releases and foster a safe and professional learning environment.

We will soon be holding Telegram live sessions with ecosystem players, as well as online giveaways, airdrops, and announcements of new products and features.

✔️Join our Telegram community here.

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