Eitan Katz’s Interview for the Finnovators Podcast

Eitan Katz’s Interview for the Finnovators Podcast

Last week, our CEO, Eitan Katz, was honored to join the FINNOVATORS podcast hosted by Securrency – a fintech podcast holding conversations with tech founders, finance specialists, and legal experts worldwide about decentralized finance, its issues, and opportunities. 


During the interview, Eitan shared his background and experience as well as his insights into:

  • Kima’s journey, the pivot along the way, the roadmap, and the upcoming Kima token
  • His “safety first” mantra and why it’s important in the current DeFi space
  • The Web3 trends and Eitan’s forecast on the future of decentralized finance


“We needed to somehow bridge the gap between the need on Solana and the availability of the primitives on Ethereum. This is how we got into this idea – creating a universal settlement layer that will enable a secure and seamless transfer of assets to connect those siloed ecosystems – that is what Kima is all about”, shared Eitan.


Listen to the full podcast on:

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