Eitan Katz for the Defi Sparks Podcast

Eitan Katz for the Defi Sparks Podcast

This week, our CEO, Eitan Katz has had the pleasure to join the Defi Sparks podcast hosted by Nick Drakon – a full time crypto  investor & trader who holds meaningful conversations about the decentralized finance space with the brightest blockchain and crypto minds.

In this interview, Eitan shared his background and a historical retrospective of the DeFi and Web worlds. He also took the conversation as an opportunity to explain complex things about:

🔷Blockchain Interoperability and why it’s a problem

🔷DeFi security issues, specifically focusing on smart contracts

🔷The need to develop utility-specific chains

🔷The Kima protocol, why it differs from other solution, and the current progress of the team


“Technology alone didn’t cut it for me. I was always looking for this triangle, technology, business (or economic models), and people. This triangle really defines everything that I did. The blockchain innovation, the DLT, and the initial whitepaper that was written by Satoshi Nakamoto are the perfect incarnation of this triangle. We’re talking about technology solving a problem in the economic and business world with a direct impact on people”, said Eitan.


Watch the full interview on Youtube here.


Listen to the DeFi Sparks podcast here.


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