Diversifi’s Milestones: What Has Been Done?

Diversifi’s Milestones: What Has Been Done?

Diversifi is an Israeli-based crypto asset management platform, offering financial institutions financial instruments and strategies to invest in a secure, regulation-compliant, and environmentally friendly way.


Headed by Eitan Katz – a blockchain expert who’s got 30 years of experience in the software industry, we have got a packed roadmap in place.


We are happy to share that:

▪We raised $250 000 in the pre-seed investment round in April.


▪Over the last few months, we have successfully launched our first structured crypto product – Protected BTC, which provides a controlled exposure to BTC price to avoid significant losses from its volatility.


▪We are currently raising $4 million in a seed round to enable the expansion of our product line and business execution.


What’s Next?

By the end of 2021, we are planning to launch additional proprietary strategies and instruments:


▪Protected ETH – our second proprietary strategy to protect Etherum investments from the Etherum price volatility;


▪Smart Hedge – products that provide hedging against poor market performance;


▪Green Crypto – 100% offsets the carbon footprint of crypto holding (a single asset or a full portfolio);


▪Programmable Indices – AI-based indices that provide exposure to baskets of currencies.



To explore your opportunities with the Diversifi products, please, go here.


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