GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos

GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos

We are proud to be a sponsor of GBBC’s Blockchain Central Davos, a premier gathering of leaders across blockchain, digital assets, technology, and government this May 22-26th.

What is the GBBC?

The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC) is the largest non-profit global association dedicated to the development of blockchain adoption. Launched in 2017 in Davos, the association includes more than 350 institutional members and 178 Ambassadors from 95 jurisdictions and disciplines.

On May 24th, our leadership Eitan Katz and Tzahi Kanza will present on Diversifi, and how our interoperability-focused protocol will make it easier to develop and launch multi-chain applications and financial instruments. We’ll be also taking part in a blockchain panel discussion about DeFi and Innovation in Crypto.

To learn more about the event & how you can join, visit the link

If you’re joining, drop us a DM – we’d love to meet you.


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