Diversifi is Going to ETHDENVER 2022

Diversifi is Going to ETHDENVER 2022

From 17 to 20 February, Guy Vider, Diversifi’s CTO, will be visiting ETHDenver –  the world’s largest Web3 community meetup and hackathon for blockchain protocol and dapps developers.

ETHDenver will include talks and workshops by top blockchain influencers and experts, 2 hackathons, art installations, networking events, and the ColoradoJam – a competition for startups willing to compete for cash prizes within state agencies.

To Diversifi, this is a great opportunity to join pressing DeFi and Web3 discussions and network with Web3 developers, blockchain projects, and investors interested in creating a meaningful multi-chain reality.

Feel free to contact us at [email protected] or message us here to explore mutual opportunities.


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