Consensus 2022: Recap from Kima

Consensus 2022: Recap from Kima

From June 8-14th, Kima visited Consensus 2022 – a central meeting point for established companies and startups to convene discussions on decentralized finance, blockchain, crypto investing, NFTs, DeFi regulation, Web3, the metaverse, and more.


From legal and business experts to software engineers, it was exciting to have the diverse crypto community gather in one place. We were lucky to spend time mingling with developers, creators, and investors from all over the world, including Fuse, Popcorn Dao, Arculus Wallet, SecuX Wallet, among others, to hear about their projects, share our knowledge, and discuss potential synergies.

One takeaway from this massive event was the growing connection between DeFi and TradFi. Hedge funds, banks, and VCs seemed excited to hear from founders and people who work in the space. They are eager to incorporate new technologies and features into their traditional business models. 

We were also happy to meet leading ecosystem players such as Brad Garlinghouse, Charles Hoskinson, and Ameer Haleem, and fund stakeholders from firms such as Galaxy Digital and Pantera Capital

In addition, we were proud to receive positive feedback about Kima – our interoperability-focused blockchain fintech that aims to help developers build and launch cross-chain decentralized apps. Stakeholders from top players including Circle, MetaMask, Cardano, MasterCard, and more shared their support for our work.

We would like to thank CoinDesk and all Consensus sponsors for organizing such an incredible event that showed the world that crypto is here to stay.


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